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Be Smoke-free Now!

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Hi everyone,

My good friend Erin King and I are teaming to offer a really great deal to help people become smoke-free now.  Please forward this on to anyone you love who continues to engage in this habit.  Take care and please call if there are questions.




November 17, 2011 marks the American Cancer Society’s 36th annual Great American Smokeout – the perfect time for you to take a powerful step towards a healthier life.


If you are serious about quitting, we want to help!  Integrity Coaching & Training Systems and Ren Acupuncture have joined forces to help you easily, confidently and successfully give up the habit for good.


We are offering a Smokeout Package, which includes 4 hypnotherapy/coaching sessions (regularly $589) and 6 community acupuncture sessions (regularly $240) for only $490!


Imagine how good you will feel being free from smoking!  Imagine your freedom!


Contact us today for a small investment and a big return.

Integrity Coaching & Training Systems

“Empowering You To Succeed”

19550 International Blvd Suite #104

SeaTac, WA 98188

(206) 459-2898

Patricia Eslava Vessey, PCC, CHT

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach NLP Master


Ren Acupuncture & Wellness

15210 10th Ave. SW

Burien, WA 98166

(206) 244-4100

Erin King, L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist

*Services can be purchased separately, please contact us for more information.  Smokeout Package good thru November 30, 2011.


Can Diet Pop Make You Fat?

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

If you are thinking you are drinking diet pop to keep from gaining excess weight, think again.  Two new studies found that drinking diet soda is associated with increased waist size and poorer overall health. Ten years of research reveals an increase in weight gain around the waist line! But that’s not all, the artificial sweetener, aspartame can cause an increase in blood sugar levels which can lead to diabetes.

Read the full article HERE



Hypnosis Cools Hot Flashes

Monday, October 17th, 2011

If you or someone you know suffers from hot flashes you may want to read the research on using hypnosis to alleviate them.  For many, this is exciting news.  Instead of ingesting medications that may have long term negative consequences, hypnosis offers a side effect FREE alternative that is empowering and long lasting.  Through hypnosis, you can learn how to take control of these symptoms and reclaim your life and freedom from hot flashes.  Here is an exert from the article.  More details are here:

“With an estimated 85 percent of women experiencing hot flashes as they approach menopause, researchers are concentrating on finding effective treatments that do not include hormonal or other pharmaceutical therapies. Now, a new Baylor University study has shown that women who specifically pictured images associated with coolness during hypnotherapy had a dramatic decrease in hot flashes.

The results appear in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis.”

Contact me at (206) 459-2898 or for more information on hypnosis to alleviate hot flashes.

Warmest wishes,  and cheers to taking charge of your life.  Patricia



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