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Media, Hypnosis & Self Esteem

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Last night in my Hypno~Coaching for Weight Release class we talked about the trance state we enter in hypnosis and the fact that we are naturally in and out of P1000733trance all day long.  When we shower, drive to work, attend a training class, work on the computer, watch TV and so many other activities we are in a trance.  That’s how our brain works.  If you’ve noticed, it’s often during these “trances” that we solve problems, get great ideas and grain greater understanding through replaying events.  In hypnosis we use this trance state, because our minds are very receptive. Just think what we could accomplish if our mind wasn’t infused with limiting beliefs about our abilities…

Media and advertising companies know how our brains work too.  That’s why we look at a thin, beautiful or handsome model in a magazine or TV and feel bad about ourselves.  We are being hypnotized into believing we are not good enough if we don’t look like that.  Or we find ourselves automatically buying unhealthy fast foods or searching for the “right medication” to cure our ailments.  While we are in a trance watching TV we are being told what’s right, wrong and the way to live and be in the world.

Isn’t it time to take our lives back? Turn the commercials off, stop buying the magazines that make you feel bad, or realize it for what it is.  That perhaps it is more about them making big bucks than it is your well-being.

Set your own standard.  Learn more about yourself.  What is right for you?  What code do you want to live by?  And after all, when it comes right down to it, what’s most important is how we feel about ourselves isn’t it? Creating, cultivating and nurturing healthy and positive feelings about ourselves builds a strong foundation to weather the daily storms attacking our self-worth.

Lose Weight Through Guided Meditations

Monday, September 6th, 2010

WomanArmsRaisediStock_000009974965Small[1]How would you like a quick, easy and efficient way to lose excess weight? Guided meditation or light hypnotic trance is a very powerful tool to help you create the changes you want to make in your life, more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible. Guided meditation-hypnosis is used very effectively for weight loss as well as for other challenging and destructive beliefs and behaviors. 

 While in a trance, your mind is open and receptive to suggestions that will support you in changing your behavior.  For example after receiving positive suggestions about healthy eating and exercise you may find yourself looking forward to these new habits and enjoying them very much while losing excess weight in the process.

 Sounds great you may be thinking, but does it really work? There are well documented studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of using hypnosis for weight loss.

One such study was conducted by David N. Bolocofsky; Dwayne Spinler; and Linda Coulthard-Morris in 1985 titled, “Effectiveness of hypnosis as an adjunct to behavioral weight management.” The findings were published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, 41 (1), 35-41.

This was a 9-week study conducted on two groups of around 54 people.  The first group was treated with changes in their diet and exercise habits only.  The second group received the same treatment while also receiving hypnosis for reinforcement. After the 9 week trial both groups lost weight while in the program.  However, after the 8 month and 2 year follow up the first group did not lose any more weight and most of the participants gained back the weight they had lost. 

The second group however, continued to lose weight during both follow ups, and most of the people in this group met their long term weight loss goals. Not only that, they continued to practice the new diet and exercise habits they learned in the study.

Findings from other studies like this (including hypnosis in weight loss efforts) showed the average short-term weight loss for those not using hypnosis was 6 pounds, while those who were also treated with hypnosis lost on average 11.83 pounds.  Over the long-term the average weight loss without hypnosis was 6 pounds, however with hypnosis the average weight loss increased to 14.88 pounds

It is clear from these and other well documented studies that over time, those using hypnosis with other weight loss efforts are able to successfully achieve their weight loss goals and change their diet and exercise habits in the process. 

What would your life be like if this part of your life was easy?

If you are ready to find out and begin your journey, join us for two sessions,

Monday, September 13 &  Monday September 20, 2010 

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In addition to weight loss, I offer individual and group hypnosis and guided meditations for phobias/fears, stress, stop smoking, confidence, insomnia, healthy eating, public speaking, sports performance, habit control, motivation, procrastination, self esteem, nail biting, bed wetting, anxiety, memory and concentration, and many others.  Visit my website and contact me for more information.

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